1. Ex-Static (Stone. Arr. Stone/ Orchard)
2. Wham (Mack)
3. Carolina Diner (Orchard)
4. Naming Day (Orchard)
5. Carlton Draft (Stone)
6. She Drives a Datsun (Orchard)
7. Pride and Joy (S. R. Vaughan)

Every attempt has been made to capture the essential live sound of Stone Orchard on this recording. It is mostly recorded
“live,” all in one take. There is no multi-tracking of any kind.
What you hear is what you get!

All tracks published Stone Orchard Music except, 2.Belinda and 7.Ray Vaughan Music.

Artwork designed and produced by R. Stone. Photography by R. & S. Stone.


You are listening to"Wham!"Performed by STONE ORCHARD

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2001 by Rod Stone. All Rights Reserved