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1.Groove Festival Hall 1968

2.Librettos with Harry Miller

3.Librettos - early line-up 1962(?)

4.Lexian Records publicity shot

5. With early "SG" Les Paul

6.With Normie Rowe on TV

7.Librettos Publicity shot

8.The Groove in Paris 1969/70

9.Normie's Melb. farewell

10.Librettos with Billy J Kramer

11. Eureka Stockade 1970

12. 1st ever Librettos (1960?)

13. Rod & Huey

14. LibrettosReunion
28 June 2004

15. Librettos Reunion
28 June 2004

16. Shirt & me



1. Groove at Melbourne final 1968 Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds. Groove won this and the subsequent National Final.

2.Early Librettos line-up taken while playing in Rotorua, probably at The Ritz. Back row (L to R) - Paul Griffin, guest drummer -Ray Earle, John England. Front: Rod Stone, Howard Morrison, Roger "Sammy Rogers" Simpson, Harry M. Miller, David Clark. (Morrison & Miller were the promoters of the gig....and got most of the money!)

3.Librettos (1962?) - L.toR.(Back Row)Gordon Jenkins, David Clark, John England, (Middle) Rod Stone, (Front Row) Roger Simpson, Paul Griffin.
All Rongotai or ex-Rongotai boys!

4.Lexian Records Publicity shot for "Skye Boat" single. Holding 1962 Fender Stratocaster, later lost or stolen! Photo taken in 1963 - note poor left hand technique!

5. Librettos at Soundshell ballroom Rotorua around 1961-62. Same or similar line-up as No's 2 & 3. Playing Gibson Les Paul Custom, as the very first SG's were called.

6. With Normie Rowe, Brian Peacock and Trotta (drums) on TV Channel TCN-9 in Sydney - 1966. Playing Gretsch Country Gentleman.

7.Librettos publicity shot taken on Mt. Victoria in Wellington, NZ. Circa 1964."Oh what a feeling" - Long before Toyota!

8.The Groove in Paris. L to R - Peter Williams, Geoff Bridgford, Jamie Byrne and Rod Stone. Tweed Harris was taking the picture!

9.Normie Rowe's farewell performance before leaving for England. Taken at "The Bowl" in De Graves Street, Melbourne in 1966. Rod Stone smiling over his shoulder, the late Phil Blackmore is to the right and the profile of Brian Peacock is just visible on the left. If you look hard, Trotta is visible between Brian and Norm.

10. Librettos with Billy J. Kramer, Wellington town Hall 1964. Billy has injured eye as result of a bottle attack in Sydney. You may be able to make out his autograph on photo.

11. Decca Records publicity shot for Eureka Stockade, London 1970.

12. Probably 1st ever shot of The Librettos, taken around 1960 at Miramar Presbyterian Church, Wellington. L. to R. - Rod Stone, trying hard to look like Buddy Holly and with 1st electric guitar (note shoulder strap made from dressing gown cord!) Andy Shackleton on rented drum kit and John England. David Clark was either absent or out of shot.

13. Iain Hewitson was in a band called "Cellophane" and another called "Sebastian's Floral Array," back in Wellington in the late 60's. He was a fan of "The Librettos" but later gave up music and became a celebrity chef! We met for the first time in Jan 2006 at his Melbourne restaurant.

14. Librettos' reunion dinner, 28th June 2004. - L to R: Rod Stone, Brian Peacock, Lou Parun, Dave Diver. First time that all were in the same place for 39 years!! Some have changed more than others.

15. Librettos' reunion dinner, 28th June 2004. After leaving the restaurant with Melbourne city skyline behind across the Yarra river. L to R: Rod Stone, Lou Parun, Brian Peacock & Dave Diver.

16. My old "Groove" shirt as worn on LP cover. It now belongs to The Performing Arts Museum in Melbourne. Here it is on display at the Melbourne Arts Centre, February 2006. That's me beside it!!



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