This is a re-issue of the original 1964/65 "Let's Go" album
All the NZ singles, all but one of the Australian singles, and one previously unreleased track

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1. Let's Go (Duncan/Duncan)
2. Pride & Joy (Stevenson/Whitfield/Gaye)
3. I'm a Dog(Peacock/Stone)
4. Mary Mary (Peacock/Stone)
5. I'm Gonna Say Yeah (Peacock/Stone)
6. Crying For You (Peacock/Stone)
7. The Girl Can’t Help It (Troup)
My Babe (Johnson)
9. Twilight Time (Ram/Nevins/Nevins/Dunn)
10. Fine and Mellow (McKay)
11. Everything’s Alright (Crouch/Konrad/Stavely/James/Karlson)
12. Got You on My Mind (Peacock/Stone)
13. Baby It’s Love (Peacock/Stone)
14. Walking The dog (Thomas)
15. It’s Alright (Andrews)
16. Funny Things (Blyth)
17. I’ll Send it Your Way (Peacock/Stone)
18. Young Blood (Lieber/Stoller)
19. That’s Alright With Me (Peacock/Stone)
20. Great Balls of Fire (Hammer/Blackwell)
21. Ella Speed (Ledbetter -Arr.Stone)
22. I Want Your Love (Peacock/Stone)
23. I Cry (Peacock/Stone)
24. She’s au Go Go (Peacock/Stone)
25. Watcha Gonna Do About It?* (Samwell/Potter)
26. Kicks (Mann/Weil)
27. Loving Time *(Peacock) -Previously Unreleased
*additional vocals by Pat Aulton.

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EMI CD 7243 8 21715 ----------- 1997 EMI

The Librettos Were:
(L to R on Album Cover)
Lou Parun(Rhy.Gtr/Voc)-Dave Diver(Drums)-Rod Stone(Lead Gtr/KeyBoard/Voc)-Brian Peacock(Bass/Voc)

On The Australian recordings, Dave was replaced by Craig Collinge on Drums.

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