"The Librettos"
Complete Discography

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New Zealand Recordings

45 Singles

(I'm not sure of exact dates. All 1963 or 1964)

Funny Things (Blythe) b/w I'll Send it Your Way (Peacock-Stone) HMV-HR.218

Young Blood (Lieber-Stoller) b/w/ That's Alright With Me (Peacock-Stone) HMV-HR.219

Baby, It's Love (Peacock-Stone) b/w Great Balls of Fire (Hammer-Blackwell) HMV-HR.221

Walkin' The Dog (Thomas) b/w It's Alright (Andrews) HMV-HR.232

LP "Let's Go With The Librettos"
1964 or early 1965, HMV-MCLP6191

Let's Go (Duncan-Duncan)
Pride and Joy (Stevenson-Whitfield-Gaye)
I'm a Dog (Peacock-Stone)
Mary Mary (Peacock-Stone)
I'm Gonna Say Yeah (Peacock-Stone)
Crying For You (Peacock-Stone)
The Girl Can't Help it (Troup)
My Babe (Johnson)
Twilight Time (Ram-Nevins-Nevins-Dunn)
Fine and Mellow (McKay) -Not David McKay!
Everything's Alright (Crouch-Konrad-Stavely-James-Karlson)
Got You on My Mind (Peacock-Stone)
Baby It's Love (Peacock-Stone)

All these recordings were officially produced by EMI executive, Dennis Bull, but in reality we produced them ourselves with the help of sound engineer, Frank Douglas.

The Librettos made a single for an independent NZ label before any of the above listed ones but it was released under my name because we were trying to negotiate a deal with EMI and didn't want to risk losing it. It is...

Rod Stone: - Skye Boat(Lawson) b/w Friendly Persuasion (Webster-Tiomkin)
1962 Lexian LS-3.

I am not sure if Lou Parun or John England was on this. I think it was Lou, but as he was still making his own records for Lexian at this time I'm doubtful. Lou can't remember either!

Other Lexian releases featuring Librettos:

Lou Parun -with Librettos & Orchestra
A World I Can't Live In (Miller) b/w Outsider (Tepper/ Bennett) LS-8

Lou Parun (Possibly with Librettos; definitely Rod on guitar)
You Know What I Mean (Peacock - NOT Brian) b/w One Last Kiss (Adams / Strouse) LS-1

Sammy Rogers (Real name: Roger Simpson)
Somebody to Love (Darin) b/w Sleepless Nights LS-4
Probably some variant of the Librettos on this - Rod for sure.

Rod played on most Lexian releases and many other Wellington recordings at this time.
Various other Librettos may have featured from time to time.

Australian Releases
(Not 100% sure of dates)

Great Balls of Fire b/w Twilight Time (from NZ Recordings) 1965 HMV EA-4687
Ella Speed (Trad. arr. R.Stone) b/w I Want Your Love (Peacock-Stone) 1965 HMV EA-4704
She's a Go Go (Peacock-Stone) b/w I Cry (Peacock-Stone) 1965 Sunshine QK-1162
Rescue Me (Smith-Miner) b/w What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?(McCarthy-Johnson-Monaco) 1965 Sunshine QK-1251
Kicks (Mann-Weill) b/w Watcha Gonna Do About It? (Samwell-Potter)1966 Sunshine QK- 1341

All Sunshine recordings produced by Pat Aulton.

1997 Re-issue CD
(NZ Only)

Let's Go With The Librettos
EMI 7243 8 21715
Contains all EMI & Sunshine material except Sunshine QK-1251 and has unreleased Sunshine Records track....
Lovin' Time (Peacock-Stone) featuring Pat Aulton on Vocal Harmony.


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