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The Groove (1967-1970) Name changed to Eureka Stockade in 1970. The Groove recorded 5 singles and 1 album in Australia and 2 singles in England, the last one under the band's new name, "Eureka Stockade." Both English recordings were total failures but all the Australian records were successful in varying degrees.

45 singles
Simon Says (Isley Bros.) b/w With This Ring (Wylie-Dixon-Hesper) 1967 Columbia DO-5021
Soothe Me (Sam Cooke) b/w I See a New Day (Steele-Strike) 1968 Columbia DO-5059
What is Soul? (Gallo-King) b/w Goin' Back (R. Stone) 1968 Columbia DO-8420
You Are The One I Love (Leka-Pinz) b/w Merry-Go-Round (Byrne) 1969(?)Columbia DO-8532
Relax Me (P.Williams) b/w Dance to The Music (S.Stewart) 1969 Columbia DO-8658
The Wind (Williams-Harris) b/w Play The Song (Bridgford-Byrne) 1969 Columbia DO-8811

All the above are Australian releases.. The Wind was recorded in London at EMI Abbey Road

The next two are English releases....

The Wind (Williams-Harris) b/w Play The Song (Bridgford-Byrne) 1969 Parlophone R-5783

Eureka Stockade Sing No Love Songs (Bridgford-Byrne) b/w Jump Down Turn Around (Byrne)1970 Decca F-22996
This was not released in Australia.

The Wind was also released in Italy (believe it or not!) Parlophone 4C006-80109M
Sing No Love Songs was also released in Germany - Decca DL 25 400
........... And, as I have just discovered, also in Belgium with picture cover - Decca 26.232

The EP & LP are Australian releases only

45 EP "Soothe Me" (1968 Columbia SEGO-70166)
Tracks are... Simon Says, What is Soul, Soothe me, Goin' Back.


LP "The Groove"

(1968 Columbia OSX-7869)
Cool Jerk (Stordall)
Every Ounce of Strength (Cropper-Hayes-Porter)
Wishing: You and Me (J. Byrne)
Pianologue (Tweed Harris)
What is Soul? (Gallo-King)
The Boat That I Row (Neil Diamond)
Simon Says (Isley Bros.)
Soothe Me (Sam Cooke)
A Circular Song (R.Stone)
Baby, Get in The Groove (P. Williams)
I've Got My Mojo Workin' (P. Foster)
Holy Cow (A. Toussaint)
When Something is Wrong with My Baby (Hayes-Porter)
Stubborn Kind of Fellow (Gaye-Stevenson)

All the Groove's recordings were produced by (except Relax Me - prod. Howard Gable) David Mackay, who went to England at the same time as us and as far as I know is still there. The Eureka Stockade single was produced by Norman Smith who later had a hit or two himself under the name Hurricane Smith. There is also a very rare EP, which is an advertisement that we did for Coca-Cola along with some other Groups. It is "Things go Better with Coke" - Various Artists EMI PRS 2028.

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I discovered in May 2006 an ultra-rare- 33 1/3rpm Little LP Sampler Show Special -It is a various artists 7inch LP released by EMI in 1969 with profits going to charity. I found it on ebay, I didn't know it existed!! -------The Groove track is "Stubborn Kind of Fellow" off of the The Groove LP.

Eureka Stockade recorded an album in England of all original material for an independent producer (Mike Vaughan, former Easybeats manager) but he was never able to get it released.

(You have been listening to The Groove live at Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Australia - March 1968)